History of Salimullah College

Salimullah College is one of the oldest famous colleges in Dhaka city. The college is situated at WARI, an aristocratic area of Dhaka. It was established in 1925. The College was named after the name of Sir Nawab Salimullah. The College was started with a night shift and the classes were held in the evening. It was turned into Day shift college in 1989.Many eminent persons were the students of this college. Late Tazuddin Ahmed first Acting Prime Minister of Bangladesh was one of them. From the very beginning it has faced a lot of ups and downs. Now it has overcome hard times, With the contribution of the govt. it has two buildings and one tin shed house. The inside atmosphere of the college is congenial, the principal and all the teachers are highly qualified with their best efforts. They teach and help the students as their wards. From the very beginning the college has both Degree and Intermediate sections. The results of H.S.C and Degree are always satisfactory. The number of the students is increasing every year. At present there are about 1500 students here. All the teachers and staffs are well behaved and sympathetic to the students. The college is contributing a lot to the all over development of education of the country. We hope, if the present progress continues, in no time it will be one of the best renown colleges of the modern Dhaka city.


Ms. Shampa Rahman
Salimullah University College